1050º collective

Innovando la Tradición / 1050°

Traditional pottery in Oaxaca is at risk of disappearing. In a world of disposable plastic products, produced in the millions, the unique craft of the potter is rarely valued. Since they cannot earn a sufficient and fair income, many are abandoning the craft altogether.

Young generations rarely see a future in creating the pots, pans and comales that have been at the root of their tradition for thousands of years. We fear that at least a third of the villages now working with clay will abandon their craft in the next decade, or after the current generation passes away.

Innovando la tradición

Innovando la tradición is a multidisciplinary network of people working to increase the symbolic, economic and cultural value of Oaxacan pottery. We offer a collection of services in response to the present needs of the artisans.

We organize workshops, courses and exchanges that allow potters to develop new skills and knowledge. These are designed as spaces where they can freely imagine and create. We also give advice on subjects ranging from organization and design, to technical skills and marketing.

To create more opportunities for the potters, we believe it is crucial to educate the general public of the importance, depth and value of clay. This is why we work to re-validate this craft through publications, exhibitions and other promotional activities.

Innovando la tradición is convinced that through traditional wisdom, we can find solutions to the problems of our contemporary world. We, therefore, also conduct research projects to encourage discovery and invention. We want to honor and learn from traditional pottery.

We love clay and all that it signifies. We are a non-for-profit organization and our endeavors are sustained through the sales of Colectivo 1050°, as well as our collaborators, volunteers and donors.

What is Colectivo 1050°?

Colectivo 1050 is a brand of clay objects made by hand in Oaxaca. All of them are naturally beautiful, simple and elegant, just like the artisans that give life to them. We turn mud into beauty.

Our designs are created collectively. Traditional potters and designers collaborate to create jugs, fruit bowls and other functional objects inspired by Oaxacan traditions of clay and adapted to contemporary lifestyles. Our pieces merge the wisdom of tradition with the dynamism of innovation. Our objects are born by fire.

As a collective, we search for new creative directions for clay and the artisans of Oaxaca. We strive to function through fair/solidarity trade, and with ecologically sustainable practices. Our products are free of lead, free of exploitation.